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cimfax arrowIntroduction
Based on embedded technology, CimFAX fax server is designed to meet the requirements of paperless fax of enterprises and government departments. By integrating technologies of fax, phone and network, CimFAX enables multiple users faxing from computer at the same time. With a processor, network module and fax module, CimFAX fax server is a computer that operates totally independently.

Product Features: 

  • cimfax arrowPlug-and-play. Independent of computers. 24/7 stable operation.
  • cimfax arrowCompact and low power consumption (only 1 kilowatt-hour/week).
  • cimfax arrowSecure. In-house fax server. Sign electronically.
  • cimfax arrowReal-time faxing status synchronizing.
  • cimfax arrowLegacy fax line kept.
  • cimfax arrowSend and receive faxes from computer.
  • cimfax arrowAuto save Faxes as PDF files to folders.
  • cimfax arrowHardware and software integrated.
  • cimfax arrowForward incoming faxes to email as PDF attachments.

System Components: CimFAX paperless fax system consists of a fax server and a PC client. CimFAX fax server is responsible for faxing, voice prompt, task queue, and user security management; while PC client software is responsible for submitting fax sending tasks to the server, and receiving and checking fax that comes in.

Network application diagram of CimFAX paperless fax system
How it Works: Fully compatible with traditional fax machines, CimFAX fax server enables bidirectional faxing without changing fax number or additional cost. Documents on computers are converted to fax format first and then submitted to CimFAX fax server, then scheduled to be sent to recipients worldwide in the most cost-effective way. Similarly, faxes from traditional fax machine will be received by the fax server, and automatically downloaded to users' computers.
Four easy steps to send and receive faxes
Sending a fax
  • Sending a fax by a fax machine takes 3 minutes.
  • “Print a computer file” >> “Get the printed paper.” >> “Walk to the fax machine” >> “Dial the number” >> “Wait for response” >> “Put paper in the fax machine” >> ...
  • Sending a fax by CimFAX takes only 3 seconds.
  • “Choose a file in the computer” >> “Enter fax number” >> “Click send”(refer to the picture)
  • Sending a fax with CimFAX
Receiving a fax
  • Getting a fax by a fax machine takes X minutes
  • “Faxes received at the front desk/reception desk.” >> “Manual distribution one by one” >> “Untimely distribution” >> “Re-track required”
  • Getting a fax by CimFAX takes only 1 second.
  • “Faxes received in a user's computer.” >> “Pop-up window reminding faxes received.” (refer to the picture)
  • Receiving a fax with CimFAX
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