About Cimsun
Cimsun Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in 2003, Cimsun Tech developed a comprehensive and mature fax technology system and paperless fax products that won the trust of customers, based on more than ten years experiences in information and telecommunication area.

Featuring excellent quality and considerate service, CimFAX server is adopted by a number of financial institutions, multinational enterprises, government agencies, and authority organizations, with being selected in the central government procurement directory. CimFAX has become one of the most well-known fax server brand.

Skilled in technology and known in strict demanding, Cimsun is one of the rare fax server providers that own core fax technology, and independent hardware and software R & D capabilities. Users of Cimsun products are all over the world, including the mainland of China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, the US, Europe, and Japan, with over 400,000 by the end of 2012. CimFAX fax servers are in robust operating around the world.

After all these years of research and practical work in the area of fax servers, Cimsun accumulates rich experience in product development, marketing, and customer service, striving to provide customers with better, more accurate, and more professional fax solution from all aspects to meet various requirements of different levels, and bring maximum benefit for enterprises in the high-speed growth.

Горячая линия: +86-4006228700
Отдел продавца: +86-20-85566891
Центр поддержки: +86-20-85566892
Факс: +86-20-85566893
О Cimsun
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