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CimFAX Features
Sending faxes
●Print to send
Print documents virtually as faxes and send them out.
●Fax broadcast
Send faxes to a group of recipients simultaneously.
●Fax scheduling
Send faxes at the scheduled time.
●Auto re-send
Re-send faxes if failed due to busy line or no answer.
●Fax Forwarding
Forward received faxes to other fax machines/users.
●Faxing Priority
Set high priority for important faxes to send without queuing.
●Auto IP Dialing
Set non-local number as IP dialing to save communication cost.
●Scan to send
Send original note or handwritten document in higher definition from scanner.
●Faxing status in real time
Show faxing status in real time.

Drag and drop (on Mac computer)
●Drag a file and drop it to the blank panel of CimFAX client to generate a fax.

Receiving faxes
●Set extensions
Set an extension for every user to receive faxes.
●Auto answer
Play auto answer when there are incoming faxes to prompt the caller to either press the extension number of the recipients or send to the public inbox.
●Pop-up notification
Pop-up window notifies faxes received.
●Archive faxes to view
Archive received faxes in the computer to be retrieved and viewed.
●Export faxes as PDF/TIFF
Export received faxes as PDF which can be saved in shared folders or sent to Emails.
●Print fax
Print received faxes when necessary and delete the unwanted.
●Receiving Faxes by Email
Set fax to email and you can receive faxes by email.

Fax Distribution
Distribute faxes in public inbox to one or multiple users within LAN.

Secure Electronic Signature and Stamp
Add electronic signature and stamp generated from the scanner or picture to faxes. The signature library is under 128 bit encryption protection.

Real-time Listening in
Listen in fax process to monitor it in real time or find out the reason why fax sending fails.

Custom Fax Header
Fill in the information needed when configures server settings to custom the fax header for your company.

Send and receive faxes from office/home/field
Send and receive faxes from office/home/field using our remote login feature.

Fax retrieve
Retrieve faxes easily according to date, fax number or recipient.

Store faxes on both computer and the server
Store faxes on both the server and the client. Never have to worry about faxes being lost/deleted.

Auto voice prompt
Prompt at both sending and receiving with loud and clear sound scheme.

Multi-servers Binding
Bind multiple servers to accomplish large fax tasks and reduce local communication fees.
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