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This fax server is great. I was using one of the electronic fax subscription services. Due to the excessive monthly fees I decided it was time to find a more cost effective solution. I purchased CimFAX. CimFAX does everything my previous fax solution did. Best part no monthly fees. And, the customer service is great. Staff was very helpful in assisting me with set up. I would recommend this product.

—— Amazon Buyer

I bought this product after my Windows Small Business Server stopped accepting faxes. After much troubleshooting with the SBS server, I found this. First, it is easy to implement. Plug in, connect to the device and configure the network settings. Last, install one application on all user’s computers who can now right click on a document and select fax or use the traditional Windows File – Print – select fax printer. Please note! The five users is five connections to the device. I also setup a fax Exchange mailbox and forwarded all faxes to that email. Then mapped all users to that shared mailbox. Get the right product for your users. Tech support was great! Called and emailed a few times and were very helpful and resolved my issues. Wonderful product. Don’t waste your time with a traditional fax – this is much better.

——Amazon Buyer

Excellent fax solution! No papers to print out large faxes. Customer support is great. I am very happy with this purchase of CimSun CimFAX A5.

——Amazon Buyer

I am IT consultant for multiple doctors office. The doctors office receiving a lot the fax every day for the patients reports and scan to the EHR software patient's chart. Bought this to have a fax server for doctors. It was easy to set up. Doesn't take up much space on the desk. The software receiving the fax like email and easy for the staff save to patient's chart allow 5 user access the fax in same time. Doctors office staffs loving it, I highly recommend!

——Amazon Buyer

I am very happy to purchase CimSun CimFAX A5, since it does what it says and have complete instructions to work with. I am NOT an IT guy but I installed it without any issue and it is working perfectly so far. On top of that the Customer Service is amazing, although I did not have any issue with this product still CS made me realize that the company is behind the product. I hope the company make similar products for home consumer at a lower price so instead of buying an expensive computer fax software which requires computer to be turned on all the time, this product doesn't need that. And you can get your fax on your e-mail as well. Very Green.

——Amazon Buyer

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